At church choir practice Wednesday evening, one of my long time tenor friends offered me some asparagus he had cut from his garden that very day. So fresh! I love asparagus, so I said yes. Today is Saturday, and the asparagus is still in water, standing up in my refrigerator. I’m going to fix some […]

Sunshine and Pho Ga

Here in western Oregon, we really appreciate the sunshine. It has been raining off and on for weeks, months, it seems. Yesterday on my walk, several passersby mentioned the sunny weather. These are people who normally say nothing at all, or maybe a nod of the head. April 1st, I came  down with a cold. […]

Mind Watching

Many mornings, I start the day like this: light a candle, get a cup of coffee in hand, sit and watch my mind go ’round. What I notice is that my mind usually goes to thinking about my children and grandchildren. Isn’t that what mothers do from day one? At other times of the day, my mind frequently […]