Mind Watching

Many mornings, I start the day like this: light a candle, get a cup of coffee in hand, sit and watch my mind go ’round. What I notice is that my mind usually goes to thinking about my children and grandchildren. Isn’t that what mothers do from day one? At other times of the day, my mind frequently […]

A Way to Die

Yesterday Steve and I went to a memorial. Her name was Julie and we have known her for over 30 years. She had taught French at the high school and was an activist for taking care of the earth. She had no children and she lived alone. She suffered from some kind of back malformation. […]

An Article Is Coming

I’ve been asked to write an article for the AGO newsletter. AGO stands for The American Guild of Organists. I have started a OneNote page to gather my ideas for the article. Plus, I had an article published in the Eugene Register Guard several years ago. I could use that as a starting place. My […]