The Techno Lifestyle

Actually, it’s more than a lifestyle. It’s almost a live-or-die thing. I’m talking about our dependence on computers specifically. Yesterday at dinner my friend talked about her day at work. She said the computers were down, so she could not do any “work” at all! Her job entails processing job applicants for the university and […]

The Livin’ Is Easy

Yes, it is summertime once again. When I was a music teacher in the public schools, I couldn’t wait for summer. It meant freedom, endless hours of time to do whatever I wanted. Now that I’m retired, it doesn’t have quite the same punch. Last summer was particularly hot, I remember. These days are taken […]


At church choir practice Wednesday evening, one of my long time tenor friends offered me some asparagus he had cut from his garden that very day. So fresh! I love asparagus, so I said yes. Today is Saturday, and the asparagus is still in water, standing up in my refrigerator. I’m going to fix some […]